Now because previously I've looked at those amazing discoveries around the world that caught my attention and some of them took my breath away, I also decided to put those pictures of trees that I found during the the search of the wonders in nature. And I'm sure that some of you have seen something similar, sometimes called crazy and sometimes scary... 
But my question is... Does it mean something or is it just coincidence in time and nature?


"Surrounded" ("Apsuptas")

"Leaning towards staying where it is"
("Linkes pasilikti savo vietoje")

"In pursuit of freedom"
("Laisves beiskant")

"Together as one"
("Kartu kaip vienas")

"Lost in time"
("Pasiklydes laike")

"In connection"

"Crucified Jesus"
("Nukryziuotas Jezus")




"Drunk girl"
("Girta mergina")

"With beautiful breast"
("Su grazia krutine")

 "I saw it"
("As tai maciau")

"Woman of nature"
("Gamtos moteris")




"After a long fight"
("Po ilgos kovos")

"In terror"
("Apimtas siaubo") 


"Versatile figure"
("Lanksti figura")

"Under the web"
("Po voratinkliu")

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