Margarita Georgiadis works

 The Parcel, 2009,

"Georgiadis draws on the complexities and contradictions of the landscapes around her and of the people she conjures in paint. Her greatest skill is her ability to access the fragility of the human spirit. In every single work, there is a suggestion of the painfull falliability of humankind and a reminder of the cyclical quality of everlasting time". (Prue Gibson, Australian Art Review, 2010)

 Between Midnight and Dawn, 2009
 The Abduction. 2010

“Margarita Georgiadis is a painter for whom, to paraphrase late American art critic, Harold Rosenberg, the canvas is not merely a picture but also an event.  Her engagement with the process of picture- making, and relationship with her materials, is a physical as much as an aesthetic one.  The bold, gestural brushwork, luscious impasto, raw emotion, and exuberant color that characterize her paintings are an expression of the jubilations of the paint tube.
 With spontaneity and bravura, she explores color and spatial relationships, using various compositional elements that reinforce, oppose, jar, reflect and intensify each other to create a harmonious balance of dynamic tensions.  The accidental and serendipitous can prove crucial to her creative method as invention and innovation.  A multimedia artist, Georgiadis brings the same energy and élan to her portraits, figurative imagery, digital photographs and performance works.”
Linda van Nunen, Curator, Sight Specific - September 2004

The Unraveling

Risking Enchantment, 2009

And the last one - Time Past, 2009

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