Joshua Harker sculpture..

Joshua was born in Iowa City, IA in 1970. Starting in 1989, he worked as a commercial sculptor in the toy, invention & design, special effects, and product development industries.  He founded the design & development firm Paradigm Development Group in 1998.
He attributes his experience with newly developing technologies regarding how 3 dimensional forms are conceived, designed and built, as a principal factor in the sculptural realization of his visions of complex organic tangles.  This has been a defining artistic achievement for him.  In addition, he does large-scale figurative narrative pieces.  He makes use of metaphor & allegory with contemporary themes to make sculptural statements reminiscent of editorial/political cartoon monologue.  He also does portrait & figure sculpture, forensic art and is a musician.  

“My tangles are entities of my fundamental creative inclinations, its primal energy and the forces that bind and focus it into instinct, emotion, vision, and reality.  I consider them to be the most unique, original, and genuine work I have ever done. "

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