Edward Horsford and high-speed photography..

London photographer Edward Horsford uses strobe lights, a custom high-speed trigger and balloons filled with dyed water to make these otherworldly shots. 

Edward Horsford takes photographs of water balloons being popped. The results create the impression of water hanging in midair:

“My camera is really the least important part of the shots,” Horsford writes in an e-mail. The trick seems to be in the timing of the flash. He sets a timer on his camera to take a long exposure of 1 to 2 seconds, and if the flash fires within that time, he gets an image. He uses a special gizmo with a microphone that triggers the flashes when it picks up a certain level of sound (i.e., the pop of a balloon).


Also let's take a look at other high-speed photographies, that looks unbelievably hard to capture. But they are successfully expressed! 

 And here you are especially for those big animal lovers... lovely cute high speed photos of cute dogs! :))) 

 And the last ones, as usual - my favourites

Figth for your rights!

Even when if you need to break the ...

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