Today I would like to share some of the great great works and ideas for art. Beautiful sculptures were made from pencils.. Interesting shapes, forms, vary colourful and playful but thoughtful!!! 

Let's start form Daniel Rolnik work (in the top) and than Tomi Friedman sculpture (in the bottom), which reminds me Jenifer Maestre (lower bottom) works too ..

Siandien noreciau su jumis pasidalinti puikiais nuostabiais darbais ir meno idejom. Grazios skulpturos padarytos is piestuku! Idomaus pavidalo formos, labai spalvinga ir zaisminga, bet apgalwota tuo paciu!!! 
Pradekime nuo Daniel Rolnik darbo (virsuje), ir tada Tomi Friedman darbas  (apacioje), kuris man primine Jenifer Maestre darbus taip pat (zemiau)...

J. Maestre also makes a jewellery from pecils! 

J. Maestre taip pat daro ir juvelyrika is piestuku!

Vary similar to J. Maestre work is this lovely pencil lamp by Kerstin Schulz.

Labai panasu i J.Maestre yra si grazi piestuku lempa - Kerstin Schulz darbas.

Which also reminds me of this dog sculpture by  Federico Uribe.

Kuri taip pat man primena ir sita Federico Uribe suns skulptura.

We also can not forget this wonderful work - Woman's figure, made with pencil & erasers by Federico Uribe (top) and than this great pencil sculpture by Tara Donovans Colony (lower).

Negalime pamirsti ir sito nuostabaus darbo - Moters figuros, padarytos is piestuku ir trintuku pacio Federico Uribe ir taip pat sios Taros Donovans Colony puikios piestuku skulpturos (zemiau). 


 And than I would like to finish this post with smaller scale and more detailed sculptures by Dalton Ghetti and ..

Ir tada noreciau pabaigti si post'a su Dalton Ghetti darbais...

 And even smaller works: 
Ir net dar mazesni darbai:



 And the last but not the least, even my favourite:
Ir paskutinis bet ne blogiausias, net mano megstamiausias:

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Breath-taking bridges from then to nowadays..

 bridge, as we know, is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water,valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. Designs of bridges vary depending on the function of the bridge, the nature of the terrain where the bridge is constructed, the material used to make it and the funds available to build it. 

And this structures started long long time ago, around 13th Century, simple arch form and vary primitive material was used for it. Simply stone or wood were helping to pass the river.. And now.. ? 
We have the most complicated structures that is hard sometimes even to understand.. 

 So let's take a look at those amazing creations of human... 

Now let's take a look at those hanging bridges that started from the simple materials too... 

And than the rest are just simply breath taking long distance or phenomenal size paths and impressive construction bridges... 

And the last one is my favourite - Moses Bridge in Netherlands. The bridge gives visitors a truly unique experience when visiting a close 17th century fort. Designed by architecture group RO & AD, the bridge is constructed out of Accoya wood, a high technology wood that is supposedly harder and more durable than some of the best tropical woods. It is treated with a nontoxic anti-fungal coating.
From a distance, the Moses Bridge appears to vanish, allowing the viewer to see the flow of the moat uninterrupted. As one approaches though, the sunken bridge becomes apparent. It splits the waters allowing for a unique walk to the historic sight across the way. This bridge would be very cool to experience firsthand, though I think I would be just a little bit nervous when crossing the moat. 

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