The wonders of EARTH... Look at the WORLD we live... ! (PART III)

There are so much BEAUTY in our planet. And the world is full of surprises that  haven't been yet discovered. There are so many things that our eyes haven't seen yet and maybe that's the reason why we live in such a dark our own created worlds...and people are so negative, sad and mad...  
We forget how beautiful, how wonderful and extraordinary the earth is.... 
SO I would like to take a look at some of them and remind you how lucky we are to be here today... 

Even if you can not be there,where you wish to be... Like this wonderful lost wonder of the world. 

Or this mysterious place in Namibia called a Skeleton Coast. 
Beautiful coast  that is actually a National park as well... and it has some lost ships and maybe even souls.. :)

And let's take a look at another great findings in our earth that is an extraordinary sites for those who love history, archaeology or just discovering old but in a way, new things... Like those huge heads found in Easter Island. 

And this massive army of Terracotta soldiers in China. 

Also Longmen Grottoes in China too.. 

Futhermore there are those big amazing statues in the world that brings some questions to our minds, like this Sleeping and Standing Budhas in layered garnet-biotite gneiss of Highland Complex, Pollonnaruwa, northern Sri Lanka. 

Without all that we also have these ancient columns archaeological site that is also a unesco-heritage as palmyra ruins in Syria.

Other great discovery would be those Marmaris Lycian rock tombs in Mulga Province, Turkey.

And than the last one but not the least would be this simple but in my opinion really unique rock that is called Maiden Saleh in Saudi Arabia. 
And without experiencing this site it's hard to decide is it a building or a sculpture.

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