Rarely seen earrings!

Today I saw vary interesting earrings, and because I'm a fan of unusual interesting and especially hand made this, that are unique, and maybe the only one in the world and decided to find the most eye catching and share it with you... :) 

For the beginning here are some vary long earrings... 
It's quiet nice I guess... but the question is, how much longer it should go?? :)



Or what about those that are  unusually huge or heavy? 

Or those that are extremely crazy ?

Now let's take a look at those new kind of earrings that might be a new fashion maybe.. 




Or maybe you would like to have earrings like these that might be a part of your hairstyle? 

If any of the previous wasn't impressive, than maybe you would like something that you could make by yourself like simple summer earrings from paper? 


NO? Something a little bit more interesting but still your own hand-made? 
Go for these than... 

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