Original rings - isn't it IMPRESSIVE?!

After looking at those nice, interesting and unique earrings, I was inspired to look at the rings too.. AS I am a fan of them too.. There are so many of them and some are really original. 
Let's begin with simple metal rings.. 


A little more original in a way that most of us I think haven't seen yet! :)

And than metal with some added different details and materials.. 


And then something more colourful, maybe more simple.. even possible to make at home.. 
Like the ring with small notebook... 


Or the ring with any buttons you like... 

Or the ring made out of WAX? 

And some rings might be just added with some other materials you find at home... 
Like for example pencil sharpener and shave... 

Or the ring made of crayons if you like to draw.. 

Or something really impressive - WOOD RINGS!!!

And than the last ones that just made me say WOW! :)

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