Winter time is my favourite! But only when it's cold, when it's snowing and when it's possible to play with snow or ice... :) I'm always missing snow fights, doing the snowmen or skating on the lake... It used to amazing! 
And today I found those great works of people who I think made my love for Winter even bigger! Take a look at ice art! how great and how detailed it might be!? :)

Great fairytale transport for your wedding maybe? 

Or maybe a logo for your business??

Or a great piano that nobody has in the world..

Or maybe some kind of statue in your garden so you could enjoy it during the winter? 

Or maybe something more abstract? 
Great work and great idea in this statue! :)

And than also there is great sculptures from ice and snow... Amazing thing is how detailed it can be.. 

This one I would love to see live! 

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