Chiharu Shiota

 Chiharu Shiota

Born 1972 in Osaka, Japan.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

"When I dream... I feel the dream as reality. I can't distinguish between dream and reality. When I wake up, I have the feeling I'm still dreaming."

Chiharu Shiota's labyrinthine installations weave a complex web from waking life and fading memories

In performances and installations she is preoccupied with remembrance and oblivion. Earth and water recall the lasting and the fleeting. There is a concern with drifting between the cultures of Asia and Europe as also with a farewell to childhood.

The young Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota deals generously with her dreams. Her installations and performances lead into sleep, night and the self-forgetfulness of the dreaming body. Far from Japan, her loss of orientation and her fear of losing the personal and individual have become the leitmotifs of her art. From them arise theatrical images inviting viewers´ participation.

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