The wonders of EARTH... Look at the WORLD we live... ! (PART I)

There are so much BEAUTY in our planet. And the world is full of surprises that  haven't been yet discovered. There are so many things that our eyes haven't seen yet and maybe that's the reason why we live in such a dark our own created worlds...and people are so negative, sad and mad...  
We forget how beautiful, how wonderful and extraordinary the earth is.... 
SO I would like to take a look at some of them and remind you how lucky we are to be here today... 


And here, today, I've decided to start from this a little bit funny but cute too picture of a lizard in the hole. As it reminds me that there are some amazing things going on in the places that we haven't even imagine maybe... 

Like for example those blue holes in the sea or ocean, that I have never seen before I found it by mistake on internet, in some website about geology and topography. And here I found some pics in Google map too.

Doesn't it look amazing and a little bit scary?
(Dean's Blue Hole - Bahamas)

Or the Belize Blue Hole in Belize that looks huge against these two small ships. Belize blue hole is surrounded by the lighthouse.

And now because I started talking about those mysterious huge holes in the water I have researched for more of them in our earth..

Like this Zao National Park Yamagata Prefecture in Japan..

Or like this Red Lake - Croatia

But for someone it might looks maybe as a safe, comfortable and quiet place to live or spend some time with themselves. As it still has some beautiful nature around and it's rare. 

The most rare spectacular view I think we see only in fantasy movies that we don't believe sometimes it could be real... 
But this one is real, it's Ik-Kil Cenote, Mexico.

 And now because I'm in love with all kind of water: rain, river, ocean, sea and lakes.. Ann the meaning itself of it in our life I think is great too... No creature of GOD could live without water... So it's the most powerful I guess... Look, we are looking for it even in other planets... but me, I just decided to look for the most interesting nature parts that is connected with water in one or another way.... 
For example some islands that are always surrounded my blue waves.. 

Like this Molokini Crater or Molokini Inlet, a small island in Hawaii.
Which was also transformed in to star and moon island on photoshop by someone.(bottom right)  

 By looking at this, beautiful shape island I found a few more shaped islands that is popular in local areas between lovers.. 
(Galesnjak in Adriatic sea)
and lower picture (The Tupai Island in French Polynesia)

Another hear shaped Lake in Ohio (left) and  Heart-Shaped Mangrove, Voh, New Caledonia (right).

 And one more Heart-Shaped Mangrove lake in Voh, New Caledonia.

And even heart shaped forest in Cantabaria, Spain.

And now because I've started with shaped nature, let's take a look other forms and shaped found around the world... 
Man shaped lake,Iacanga, São Paulo, Brazil (lower left) and Lord Howe Island - Ball's Pyramid North side (lower rigth)

Then also there are so many interesting shaped rocks like elephants etc.: 

Famous Elephant rock at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada (top left) and the other one in Sardinia (ltop right)

And moreover there are those interesting surface pictures where we might see some faces like this one Dubbed The Badlands Guardian by locals, this geological marvel (Google Earth coordinates 50.010083,-110.113006) in Alberta, Canada (lower left) and Sand Dunes in Peru (lower right)

I guess we live in the world full of surprises that we need to discover... Life is beautiful in this kind of nature! 

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