The art in sand by Jim Denevan, American chef and artist who creates temporary land art. He works with natural materials to create massive scale drawings in sand, ice, and soil. His sculptures are not placed in the landscape, rather, the landscape is the means of their creation. Often aerial photography or video is needed to comprehend the final work. makes temporary drawings on sand
earth and ice that are eventually erased by
waves and weather.

There is also Peter Donnelly, an artist who can truly claim to be much more in drawings on sand in detail. New Zealander Peter Donnelly is called the "Sand Dancer". 

He rides his bicycle to the beach immediately after the tide goes out, and using only a stick, a rake, and his imagination, creates astonishingly beautiful works of art in the sand. One of the most amazing things is, since he's on the ground, he can't really see what it looks like until it's finished.

And another artist Andres Amador  is a San Francisco-based artist who also specializes in movement and light sculptures. Amador is pioneering a new art genre: crop circles in sand, because they are quick, temporary, cheap, spectacular, and fun. And anyone can make them. You can roughly see how the patterns are produced in this very low-res video. Andres first uses ropes to sketch out the outines of the dark sections. He then returns to those guidelines and uses a rake to rough up the sand within those lines in order to make the pattern.

But the most beautiful thing about these drawings is that anyone can go to the seaside and try to make their own drawing... Express you creativity! I believe anyone has that inside! 
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